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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  January 31, 2013 6:00am-9:00am PST

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needed an ak-15 in her home to protect her and her children. it was scary to hear that testimony. and what was even scarier is every single republican on the senate judiciary committee agree with her. wow. have a good one folks see you back here again tomorrow.
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: hello. it is current tv hour one. thanks jim for talking to us about your tech support. that's important. >> yeah. >> stephanie: good morning jacki schechner. >> good morning.
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>> stephanie: we're fine. nobody help us. all right. all of jim's emails are broken so stop trying to email him. >> yeah, well what am i supposed to do that's a big part of my time is emailing love notes to jim. >> stephanie: you sent me a story about a guy who hacked into somebody's email account and convinced people to take their clothes off. would you do that jacki? >> yeah there was a nigerian friend who asked me to do that. >> stephanie: i just automatically go, oh jim, stop emailing me, how many times are you going to ask. >> you know he can't see you through the computer right? >> stephanie: if you have a little camera. >> yes, with your permission. it's former senator's chuck
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hagel's turn on capitol hill today as he faces his confirmation hearing to be the next secretary of defense. expect the toughest questions to come from his own party. he had made some marks and decisions in the past which have lead to concerns including he couldn't support sanctions against iran. there are 55 demes in the senate, and 45 republicans, so he can still make it through. the armed services committee gave hagel some questions to answer in advance. he says he understands what it is like to be a soldier at war and how important it is the troops get clear direction and intelligence from washington. today he is expected to say he is in full support of the president's policies he will defend the repeal of don't ask don't tell and he will support women in combat. president obama setting a time
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line for immigration reform. saying he would like to get it done by the summer. he emphasizes his administration has already done more on border security in the past four years than the 20 prior. and it should not stand in the way of creating a clear path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented people living in the united states. we'll be back with more steph after the break. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone is ready with the know-how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ ♪
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey all right now ♪
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♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: oh, every day is a wonder land around here. we were getting ready to do right-wing world i glanced down briefly and guess what was the first sound bite -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> stephanie: i'm so excited. i made sean hannity again. >> my name was on the chyron too. >> stephanie: awesome. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. no one brought me flowers or a teixeira. ♪ you don't send me flowers ♪ >> stephanie: exactly you never have. you are email us all there. representative joe courtney of the great state of connecticut coming up this hour. but first here he is -- [♪ circus music ♪] -- >> stephanie: no.
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>> oh that one. ♪ karl ♪ >> stephanie: karl frisch bullfight not since i cuddled him for a 2:00 am dinner in washington, d.c. all i know is i spooned with karl frisch. >> all the i know is right about now sean hannity has like a wall of cut outs for magazines of stephanie in his apartment in new york. he is getting a little obsessed at this point. >> stephanie: it is a little creepy. it is only me every week? >> pretty much you and mike malloy and ed schultz. >> stephanie: what would he do without me? ♪ he likes you he wants to date you ♪ ♪ nah nah nah nah nah ♪ >> stephanie: a little cha-ching, cha-ching, sean. >> with fox news' ratings where they are it is only a matter of
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time before they try to get over there. >> stephanie: are you bringing up the fact that fox news ratings have hit an 11-year low. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> may hap. >> stephanie: the lowest day rating since june of 2008. >> in fairness the coveted 84 to 138 they do really well. >> stephanie: yeah, that is the sweet spot. rachel maddow came in tenth. rock on my sister. beating studio b and the repeat of o'reilly factor. if maddow continues to creep up the list it may need a change. >> i'm -- i don't have any hopes up. there's a reason why rational
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americans watch a variety of different outlets and programs. >> stephanie: right. >> and that crazy right-wing fat old white men watch fox news. when you segment up the population, and leave that one segment alone, they are always going to have fairly good ratings. >> stephanie: right. >> but what you are seeing is a result of their craziness. >> stephanie: right. >> when you tell your audience for months that there's no way barack obama can win, what do you think happens? >> stephanie: exactly. that's the problem too damn many of us watch it just for entertainment. >> oh, yeah, they should just rename it shoddenford tv. >> i watch it for work. you make me. >> stephanie: yep. let's dive into the right-wing world. this is brian [ inaudible ] [ overlapping speakers ] >> the radio equalizer.
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>> stephanie: he was the guy on a radio show once. >> exactly. he has been in radio for what -- 20-some years. >> stephanie: i'm marginalizing people who want to protect their homes with guns. >> then we have our good friend stephanie miller she is blaming talk radio conservatives fox news because people want to actually protect their homes, meanwhile we have a lot of crime in the country. >> stephanie: i get the home protection but to what degree are people just paranoid. they make it sound like it's the "zero dark thirty" raid at their house every night. >> yeah, it's right-wing world and fox now's job to make people paranoid.
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>> stephanie: inneed. >> home invasions, robbery, rape, murder -- these things really happen. >> they are really marginalizing anyone who believes in the second amendment. >> stephanie: okay. >> not suddenly on the extreme fringe. >> very good point, karl frisch. >> i'm going to sue for liable on your behalf. it's not suddenly. and it's a lot more fun to get caught by news busters. >> i know radio equalizer is just boring. >> stephanie: right. >> news busters has some spunk. >> stephanie: every time i hear it back i think oh that was funny. >> yeah. >> they can take things literal, gee, i wonder why comedians are rarely conservative. but the reason they take it as literal -- when you are
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confronted with humor that is satire the reason you take it literal is because you are unwilling to confront the issues. >> stephanie: right, and lawrence o'donnell talked about this, even these people who testified yesterday they don't have one case where anyone has protected their home with a military assault weapon. >> right. >> stephanie: what if five guys come in and my babies are crying in the background. >> yeah. >> and i once saw arnold schwarzenegger fighting for his daughter in his own home with a giant friggin' assault weapon. >> stephanie: that's right. they make it sound like every night is going to be -- [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: if they had one case like that, they would have cited it.
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>> oh we would know the person who did it intimately. >> stephanie: they are not accurate weapons. >> and by the way when i said that fox news was creating a nation of crazies, i was quoting bill o'reilly. >> stephanie: oh make sure you write that down for next time. >> i think bill maroney's head just exploded. >> stephanie: bill o'reilly will end up in the left-wing hate segment. all right [ inaudible ]. >> we tried this for ten years and it had no effect. what is going on here is a competition, because the emotional reaction of what happened in newtown which wears off over time, it always does, and the rational response of what can we do that will actually work. the more you look at this it's not had an effect it's not
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going to have an effect. >> except when they had an assault weapons ban, which did have an attack. >> stephanie: and the number of incident with assault weapons have tripled. >> that's affect with an a. >> stephanie: oh okay. i love that they always throw this emotional thing at liberals. if you can't have emotion after newtown, what is emotion for? what is emotion for exactly? >> they are trying to say we're incapable of responding to a tragedy by using, you know, sense and, you know, common sense or whatever. i don't think the right is capable of doing either responding for emotion or with common sense. >> clearly the only simple thing to do is to arm toddlers with ak-47s.
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>> stephanie: right. look at wayne lapierre yesterday. no emotion or logic. that's ridiculous the background check criminals aren't going to do that. that's the point you moron. >> that's why they can't get a gun -- >> lapierre made an ass of himself yesterday. >> i can't believe they still think he is a good spokesman for him. i know right? >> stephanie: and then they played the audio clip of him saying the exact opposite in '99. >> yeah. >> stephanie: rush limbaugh. >> hispanic immigrants are made to order conservatives. they think they are invested in hard work and using the cuban exile model, they are exactly
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right. but the hispanic population has shifted and the cuban exile model is no longer the model. the mexican immigrant model -- >> oh! >> and they arrive with an entirely different view of america. >> he called mexican immigrants lazy. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> his so-called cuban exile model, who do you think won the cuban vote last time around? >> obama. >> exactly. >> stephanie: hispanics are not behaving properly. >> rush limbaugh is not behaving properly. rush limbaugh is a hold out because who happens to be his audio are the old crusty white guys who -- they don't have a rational thought about immigration reform they see immigrants and the only weird they hear is mexican. >> stephanie: yes, and might we
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go out on a limb once again out here in los angeles, every mexican person i know is the hardest working person i have ever met. quite honestly jokes aside, karl, that stuff is just racist and horrible. trying to divide between cubans and mexicans -- >> this coming from a man who used his housecleaner to get his drugs. >> stephanie: yeah. >> clearly she was cuban. >> stephanie: go to meeting, kids i don't understand how anybody running their business out anymore. we were on the road for sexy liberal, we were on the road for inauguration -- >> we can't get off our couches. >> stephanie: right we're lazy mexicans. go to meeting right from your
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fat bastard barko-lounger. we need to look at graphics for sexy liberal. we need to look at stuff for the radio show. with go to meeting you click on a link turn on your webcam and here is the feature that is cool -- it's not one of those sub standard things you get all of that crystal clear, and you can collaborate on documents at the same time. >> it's magical like. >> stephanie: right? power points documents. i'm working on a book. it's incredible. use your compute ore smartphone or tablet. you can even present from your ipad now. if you are watching these are the arm movements you can see on go to movement -- go to meeting. >> go to movement?
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>> that's different. try it for free click on the promo code stephanie. nineteen minutes after the hour. >> it looks like you are having a seizure or something. >> stephanie: right. and we'll be back with karl frisch and more right-wing world on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: making right-wing whackos everywhere hurl. it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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(vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything. ♪ ♪ the boys are waiting -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ my milk shake brings all the boys to the car, and it's damn
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right better than yours ♪ ♪ damn right it's better than yours ♪ >> stephanie: we have reawakened william f butler. >> i debated on the television suddenly the girls -- damn right. my milk shake is better than yours. >> stephanie: wow. [ applause ] >> stephanie: hi karl frisch. >> hello. >> stephanie: somehow that song awakens the ghost of william f butler. [ inaudible ] has some thoughts on immigrants. >> it is very easy to live here and not speak english and not be a citizen, and still have a wonderful life and still get health care, you are assuming they are going to want to jump through those hoops, that's a
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big assumption. maybe they want to continue living illegally and not paying taxes and enjoying all of the benefits. >> being lazy and all. >> right. there is a large portion of the fox news audience that doesn't speak english. and what is fascinating here is it shows -- as the immigration debate heats up i want people to read their coverage on fox news latino and you will see a news outlet at war with itself. >> stephanie: yeah, i -- karl maybe i'm missing the logic -- every time we get into this immigration debate i don't get it. if we do nothing, all of those same 11, 12 million people are still going to be here. >> these are mexicans who mow
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our yards and clean our houses. and if they are citizens then we have to pay them more. and they are also brown and not deserving of benefits. >> stephanie: i see. bill o'reilly with colin powell. >> you being who you are, traditional guy, by supportingly as actively as you did barack obama you also put yourself in a category of intolerance on issues like entitlement culture, when you yourself were born in the south bronx and you made it on your own, the entitlement culture now extends to 50% of the american homes. all right? huge rise in it. so you are putting yourself in that bracket by supporting the democratic party through barack obama who seems their values are different than yours, general.
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>> stephanie: wow. he just wanted to lecture him. >> wow. >> i don't know why anybody of seriousness would ever go on o'reilly's show. this is the likely treatment you would get. >> stephanie: yeah. >> i liked all of those things that bill mentioned that make colin powell's who he is there is nothing in bill o'reilly's character that is a match. bill o'reilly obviously doesn't know what he is talking about, but he is part of the same group of people at fox news that claimed that colin powell only endorsed -- that he only endorsed president obama because they were both black. >> stephanie: yeah. yeah. sean hannity on the radio. >> we have become europe. obama seems to have succeeded in a large measure to transform america.
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a lot of talk these days about how the gop can come back politically. i'll tell you right now, the quickest way politically that's a recession. if and when that happens, sorry no more blaming bush. we'll put a moratorium on blaming bush on this program. >> so he wants to caution a recession. >> stephanie: right. >> this is like after 9/11 saying there was never an attack like this under this president, and then when kerry ran it was oh, there is going to be another attack. now they want to lay blame of their actions at the feet of this president. the same thing happened in europe. in europe they did all kinds of cuts and then they were shocked
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when they had to double dip. >> stephanie: yeah. karl frisch in person to cuddle or on the phone. >> have a good one. >> stephanie: love you. representative joe courtney next on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ right have, about the "heavy hand of government" ... i want to have that conversation. let's talk about it. really? you're going to lay people off because now the government is going to help you fund your healthcare. really? i want to have those conversations, not to be confrontational, but to understand what the other side is saying, and i'd like to arm our viewers with the ability to argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinner table.
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♪ >> out there history man as marvelled at the vast [ inaudible ] of the universe. without a single unified voice he has been left searching for answers. now -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. . >> -- has the power to change
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that for all of man kind to hear. >> really all of man kind. >> stephanie: uh-huh. representative joe courtney of the great state of connecticut joining us now. good morning, representative. >> good morning, stephanie. >> stephanie: what a powerful day, i know your district borders newtown, but to see your former colleague gabby giffords it's hard to describe the power of that isn't it? >> it is gabby was in the same class when we entered congress in '06. every wednesday afternoon we used to have a meeting as a group, and it is still kind of surreal to see what has happened, but her amazing strength as a person is just -- you know it's
6:37 am
just -- words can't even really describe it. it's just so inspiring and so important that people -- the very simple direct short statement that she had that really framed exactly the challenge we have as a country. >> stephanie: and like you say it's hard to underestimate the courage it took for her to come and do that. that really was a surprise appearance, wasn't it? >> yeah the day she came in to vote on the debt limit, again it was just -- this is an incredibly good person with inner strength that, you know, continues to just sort of i think, amaze all of us, so -- and again her message yesterday was so important. >> stephanie: and i thought her husband mark kelly, incredibly powerful as well particularly in the moment that he smacked down wayne lapierre. it really is almost stunning what he said right?
6:38 am
the whole exchange with dick durbin about what is the point of background checks. dick durbin is like that's the point you moron. >> yeah, and the other important point that i think rebuts that is that we have had now the brady system up and running since the late '90s, and actually 1.5 million gun transactions have been blocked because of the system that is in place, which, again, is a very spotty system in terms of mental health records and states that don't really do a good job of keeping their criminal record but even with those handicaps it still works, and the notion that it just doesn't work -- this is one of the nra talking points. it's just fact rally false, and -- and again obviously, durbin's point that it's a deterrence to people to guy guns
6:39 am
is also the obvious counter to that claim. but i come from a more rural part of connecticut, and obviously there are a lot of gun owners out here. background checks is just not a controversial item. >> stephanie: right, 92% of americans are for background checks, right? >> absolutely. and i have been meeting with police chiefs in my district lately, and they do the psi it will permit applications. and they have signing permits for people that they have no confidence that they really know their true nature. and that's the one item you hear over and over again. it extents not just to gun purchases but to gun permits, to have a stronger database of background checks. by the way it also fits totally within scalia's decision on the second amendment, so the notion
6:40 am
that there is a second amendment problem, just read scalia's majority opinion. he explicitly states that society has the right to restrict gun ownership for people with criminal records and mental illness. >> stephanie: as you were talking about scalia -- don't you remember there was a conflict of interest thing he went duck hunting with dick cheney -- >> yeah. >> stephanie: i have heard many duck hunters make this point. you can only have three shots in your shotgun when you are a duck hunter, right? >> right. >> stephanie: so literally people have made the point we give ducks a better chance than our kids. why is there no outcry about you can only have three bullets in your gun before you have to reload, right? >> yeah, the controversies in
6:41 am
this issue are limitless. you can still see the caution that a lot of the senator were displaying there in some of the questioning, and this is still going to take a full court press by the president and advocates. last night in connecticut there was a public hearing in the town of nowtown that the state legislature conducted, and family after family who's children were killed testified, the local police chief, and again, newtown voted for romney. >> stephanie: yeah. >> this is not some kind of democratic strong hold here. but obviously, you know, this issue now has just kind of spilled into a much broader main stream. >> stephanie: and you are right, the parents i have heard speak, again, how much more incredibly powerful can you get than that and they are all saying the same thing, right?
6:42 am
>> they are. the notion that somehow this thing is just going to get brushed aside, or lost in the 24-hour news cycle is something that you can feel that -- that they are so anxious that that % not happen. >> stephanie: right. >> and talk about courage this has got to be the hardest thing in the world to be talking about this. >> stephanie: and representative their arguments honestly make logical sense when they talk about the only answer is more good guys with guns. the point of like how quickly this happens in 15 seconds how many shots you can get off, and wasn't that incredibly powerful with mark kelly saying this little girl would still be alive if he didn't have a 30-round clip. it was the 13th shot that killed her. and look at fort hood there were a lot of armed people
6:43 am
there. so obviously that is not the only answer. >> that's right. president obama in his package did put out there that the cops program should be expanded to allow for school resource officers, obviously, but you are not going to populate every school room with armed guards and that's why the issue of regulating smart regulations for guns has to be part of this. by the way the mental health piece is something that i think has some really good solid proposals in terms of there's a mental first aid kit which is to train teachers and counselors to start getting us better attuned to behavior that needs help. and school-based help senator which have clinical social workers, i visited one yesterday, and they have a waiting list in an elementary school for children who have mental health issues which is kind of unbelievable. but the bottom line is those
6:44 am
programs work in terms of getting young people young adults adolescence into, you know, good outpatient voluntary care that is going to avoid these horrible situations like the adam landis. >> stephanie: yeah. yeah. representative take a listen to this, wayne lapierre and senator durbin yesterday. >> none of it makes any sense in the real world. >> mr. lapierre that is the point. the criminals won't go to purchase the guns because there will be a background check. you missed that point completely. and i think it's basic. [ cheers ] >> i think you missed the point -- >> i didn't miss the point you missed the point. >> stephanie: oh my god -- >> i'm not wrong you are. >> stephanie: the majority of nra members are for this.
6:45 am
>> yeah, it is outside of the scope of even the most stanch interpretation of the second amendment in terms of scalia and it's outside of the scope of what, you know, any person who interacts with these systems, these databases tell us there are huge gaps in terms of social security records, vas, there are government records of people who have been found incompetent that are not being shared with the database system. >> stephanie: it is huge. there is a terrifying piece about how the violently mental ill can guy guns. we couldn't even get wayne lapierre to say should there be a background check at our gun
6:46 am
shows? >> right. >> stephanie: how do you even invite someone like that to the table, representative when there is nothing reasonable he is willing to even start with. >> yeah, or people who cheat with straw purchases. that somehow is protected by the second amendment. people who lie on their application. 10,000 people were caught misrepresenting their application to guy guns. only 44 were prosecuted in 2010, and one of president obama's orders was to get the department of justice much more aggressive about punishing people who are lying. >> stephanie: right mark kelley really took it to wayne lapierre. a shooter was clearly mentally ill. and you look at case after case. the virginia tech shooter passed the background check. it is something that needs to be fixed need at itly doesn't it?
6:47 am
>> it is. and ironically -- i think actually having lapierre up there displaying how completely extreme and ridiculous his logic and agenda is i think helps isolate him in this -- in this debate. >> stephanie: that's true. i did for a moment think is he working for us? you can't cast a villain any better than this. >> yeah. >> stephanie: and like you say at some point -- i was saying right-wing world we -- they were talking about liberals being emotional, and i'm thinking if this is not a time after sandy hook when would be a good time to get emotional about this. >> yeah, that's right. and the argument has always been about taking away people's freedom in the past. and that's an emotional argument. >> stephanie: right. >> because legalistically -- no amendment in the bill of rights
6:48 am
is absolutist. you can't shout fire in a theater. it's all of the arguments. the fact is they have used emotion in the past to stop, you know, any ground swell or effort to have reasonable changes to gun violence laws and -- and so i think for the president and fore families if they have the willingness to -- to go out there and speak, good for them. >> stephanie: yeah. >> that they are appealing to america's conscience really. in terms of getting real change. >> i must confess i have housed red coats in my house. >> stephanie: at least jim is coming clean. all right. representative thank you so much for checking in with us on such an important day. >> appreciate it stephanie, have a good day. >> stephanie: the newtown dads are killing me with their
6:49 am
testimony. forty-seven minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> she was abandoned by wolfed and raised by republicans. it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ going to do the young turks. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy.
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by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone is ready with the know-how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ ♪
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(vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers
6:53 am
thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything. ♪ >> stephanie: thank god my box still works. [ applause ] [ screaming ] >> stephanie: fifty-two minutes after the hour. is that working too?
6:54 am
>> my box is working. i have a working box. >> wow, call riply's. >> stephanie: jim? >> hum? >> stephanie: guess what sean hannity's favorite word is to call me? >> the c word. >> stephanie: yes. yes. i get these emails and i always think what did i do. and then i get in and magically i found out that i was featured in sean hannity's left-wing hate speech. no subject line. just c word. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: body of the email, all in caps, just the c word. >> how can you argue with that logic. >> stephanie: right. [ applause ] >> stephanie: i should know by now, because i thought what did i do. and then i come in in the
6:55 am
morning, and i'm like oh, i was featured on fox news last night. and he also -- i don't know jim, if this is just regarding me, or he uses this quote at every one of his emails but he just has in quotes give me liberty or give me death. so i don't know if he also is implaying that patrick henry also thinks i am a c word. thank you thad. thank you for sharing your thoughts. >> thoughts with quotation marks. >> stephanie: let's go to nole. good morning. >> caller: good morning. i want to dividend a somehow out to lawrence o'donnell because last night my boy peeled gail
6:56 am
trotter like a rotten banana. >> stephanie: i liked the looks on the other two guy's faces whoing didn't really get to talk. >> caller: that's right. but the representative from connecticut said that the senator were being very cautious. thank goodness we have lauren o'donnell who is not cautious. if these people want to come on tv and spew their vomit he is going to be there to be the filibuster buster. >> stephanie: yeah this is the woman that testified yesterday, what -- gail trotter. >> caller: yes. >> stephanie: he could not get her to answer the questions. they do not have one case where anyone has protected their home with a military-style assault rifle. >> exactly. what they are arguing has
6:57 am
nothing to do with what the issue was about. and she has nothing to respond with. >> stephanie: yeah, exactly. >> caller: so hats off to lawrence. >> stephanie: yeah, he said you don't go to the senate to testify about fiction. what if there are five guys and my babies are screaming -- >> caller: yeah, he said don't bring your emotions bring your facts if you are going to testify in front of the senate. >> seems like they are testifying on emotion there. >> stephanie: calm down republicans. [ cuckoo clock chimes ] >> stephanie: remember the guy who wanted to protect himself with an assault weapon to defend against wild bores.
6:58 am
>> yeah. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: hunter shoots at bore and bullet ricochets and hits a car. hi richard. >> caller: we have no problem contending against wayne lapierre and his positions on background checks. i live in illinois so background checks are a norm. you can't purchase a gun without a background check. lots of forms and a three-day waiting period. so we have to have a card and all sorts of horrible restrictions. >> stephanie: but one of the things that keeps getting cited is chicago has a strict gun laws and there are a lot of gun crimes there. but it is so easy to go to another state to get the guns. >> caller: yeah. there are people that are for
6:59 am
the legalization of marijuana but you wouldn't want me to say people who are for legalization of marijuana, are also for crack users. but the people that do drive-by shooting, there is something wrong with their hearts. i own guns and i don't have the slightest thought of harming people with a gun. shooting into a crowd of people and killing a 15-year-old girl, who thinks of that. >> stephanie: that's right. and that's why 92% of americans are fine with background checks. >> caller: that's true. you guys have our complete support on that. it's where democrats and republicans like you and me -- >> stephanie: is there any way we can get you elected head of
7:00 am
the nra. >> caller: i wish. >> stephanie: fifty-eight minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: hello, hour number 2 tv world. oh, jacki schechner. >> yes. >> stephanie: it's like clock work those c-word emails i get. and i should know by now, it's
7:02 am
like what did i say yesterday? oh, i was featured on fox news without my knowledge. >> yeah you would think they could get a little more creative with the insults by now. >> stephanie: right. >> it's just a dog whistle. a call to arms and then they fire off the template email. >> stephanie: yeah, maybe it's the same email they have to any liberal. >> i was wondering why i was called a bad name on twitter last night. that's why. >> i love that chris couldn't figure it out. what did i do that caused me to be called a name. which one of my indiscretions. >> stephanie: right. for a minute i thought it was my personal email, but no. here is jacki schechner who is never that word. >> oh, thank you. good morning, everybody. former senator chuck hagel's confirmation hearing to be our next secretary of defense is now
7:03 am
underway. her is part of the opening remarks in which the chairman references one of the issues of concern he expects to come up today. >> senator's hagel reassurance to me in my office that he supports the obama administration's strong stance against iran is significant. and we look forward to hearing from senator hagel today in some depth on that subject. >> i'm sure we will. senator bob menendez paid $58,000 for two of three trips he took to the dominican republic he took. the fbi and the department of health and human services have been searching the office of the donor, but the search appears to be separate from the issues
7:04 am
related to senator menendez. local media has uncovered that he has also managed to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to various politicians. senator menendez says he is a friend and donor and has denied any other allegations of improprieties. we encourage you to stay with us after the break. we'll see you on the other side. ♪ arguments to feel confident in their positions. i want them to have the data and i want them to have the passion. but it's also about telling them, you're put on this planet for something more. i want this show to have an impact beyond just informing. an impact that gets people to take action themselves. as a human being, that's really important. this is not just a spectator sport.
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>> stephanie: yahoo! it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. this is like a home for the domestically impaired right here, isn't it? this is only for the current tv people this is my breakfast for this morning -- >> you are dripping all over the place. >> stephanie: i know. it was not microwaveable the upper wear as it turned out. >> that's a melted ball of plastic. >> stephanie: right, so chris has to give me his cottage cheese for breakfast. >> i'm going to atrophy now because i'm not getting my protein intake. [ wah wah ] >> he actually sit in the center seat in coach now.
7:09 am
>> stephanie: all right. the website, you are email us all there, executive producer chris lavoie voice deity jim ward, or me. like this one. steph, i love the new app. because i'm a woman and an app. there might be another huge announcement tomorrow. sexy liberal announcement. >> you kept saying there was going to be something this week and this weekends tomorrow. >> stephanie: right. i did get an unsolicited testimonial. other than all of my c-word letters from fox news viewers. fox news viewers please a couple of more thoughts. >> did sock send anything? >> stephanie: ever since we had to contact the fbi, sock had
7:10 am
been nowhere to be found. i was a c word that deserved to have an ak-47 shoved many any glory hole -- >> but he was a retired insurance man. >> stephanie: yeah, and do i have a glory hole? i'm a chick. >> i think we all know what that means. >> stephanie: i'm not certain. i don't get out much. but thank you fox news viewers. welcome this morning. howdy. [ applause ] >> stephanie: the c-word show. okay. mrs. hatcher writes -- i don't think it's terry. let's see, steph i recently discovered your show i had the same problem as the woman that is darning socks, the woman who never gets out of her chairs for three hours, so i plugged my
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60-foot privacy fence between us free of charge. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> it appears they are fixing our commuter remotely i have nothing on my screen right now. >> stephanie: your life has been erased. >> all of our audio is not there. so please don't ask me to play anything. >> stephanie: how about nothing right now. >> dead air. >> stephanie: let's a moment of silence. >> i hope it's fixed by the time we have to take a break. >> stephanie: so many things can potentially go wrong, that when you have a bad face i'm like what? did someone say something online, what is happening? >> i have to blue screens. >> stephanie: okay. steph my beloved wife and sadly chicago bear's fan sheila
7:13 am
received a football autographed by dick butkus. i'm not making this up. you don't suppose she is somehow related to your brother, do you. [ applause ] >> stephanie: my brother called it a game. i called it running for my life. he would yell butkus and that was my queue to run for my life and then my brother would tackle me and frequently i would get gushing head injuries -- so enjoy the butkus game. it's really fun. let's go to lisa in arlington. >> caller: hi, i just wanted to make a comment about the issue of mental health. folks with mental illness getting -- and guns. i used to live in illinois home of [ inaudible ] university and they had the shooting there the
7:14 am
year of the shooting at virginia tech. and that young man was undergoing private mental health treatment so it didn't come out or disclose for a gun so i'm just wondering about the need of not just public mental health treatment, but private mental health treatment being disclosed too when they are doing these background checks. >> stephanie: right. that's the thing. i do understand lisa privacy concerns, and i think there is a line with all of this stuff but a lot of these recent shooters were so far over that line. they had been -- the virginia tech shooter you know -- >> caller: yes. >> stephanie: i'm just saying i think there is a line there. because i understand people's concerns if you are a psychologist -- you still have a really bad look on your face and you are distracting me. >> i'm fine. >> stephanie: has something blown up? [ explosion ] ? >> i'm fine. >> stephanie: i'll just look at jim.
7:15 am
>> i'm just trying to . . . >> stephanie: hi donna in florida. >> caller: oh, my god, i got through. >> stephanie: yes, hello. >> caller: do you know how hard lobster fishing season comes to the keys, and the regulations we have to go through to get lobsters and my cousin's friend who hunt, they tell me new rules every day about hunting. they check their cooler for beers, they are not allowed to shoot from their buggies, the rules go on and on and on. >> stephanie: yeah exactly. and i don't understand why these gun nuts think that that analogy doesn't make sense. >> caller: my husband's friends are totally, totally, totally
7:16 am
against this assault rifle thing. they said there's no reason anyone needs one for anything. >> stephanie: exactly. mike thompson has been talking about this. he has been charged with crafting gun policies. he said federal law prohibits me from having more than three rounds in my gun for duck hunting. we're fine with protecting water fowl. >> but not humans. >> stephanie: right. he said when people say how dare you talk about putting limits on how many shells i can put in my gun, that somehow this is an front to god and apple pie, it is important to point out this is something we already do. the government felt it necessary to protect migratetory birds.
7:17 am
>> price of freedom having kids killed. >> stephanie: yes. hunters enforce this stuff. and you are telling me we can't somehow fix your entire background check and mental health system. read some of what we posted. >> yes, it's up on your facebook page. >> stephanie: thank you. annette in chicago. you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, annette. >> caller: good morning. hey, the thing that totally befuddles me. i grew up in germany that's the country where according to bill maher, the police in the entire country shoots less bullet in a
7:18 am
year than the l.a. police shoots in a weekend. i'm not sure where he gets his facts from but people there have health insurance and here you can't -- you know, people don't want to be checked if they want to buy a gun, but if i want to get health insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, i have to go through a background check. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: it's just that whole backwards thing i really don't get. >> stephanie: yeah, i think to most people -- and that's why at least i'm hartened to hear those statistics that 92% of americans are for background checks. you think is this just common sense? >> caller: absolutely. >> stephanie: since you are in chicago, they said the majority of guns come from mississippi -- >> and indiana. >> stephanie: yeah, it's all the
7:19 am
things they try to say see there's gun laws there and that doesn't work. >> that's a red herring. >> where in germany are you -- >> stephanie: oh sorry. we're out of time. seventeen minutes after the hour right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: she is the life of though democratic party. ignore the lamp shade. it's the "stephanie miller show."
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his dark side. of all the hours in all his days, these are the ones you'll never forget. ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ watch what you say, they'll be calling you radical, a liberal, oh, fanatical, criminal ♪ >> stephanie: it is the
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"stephanie miller show." they will be calling you the c word that's for sure. when you are featured on the fox news. wow. howedy new fox news viewers. wow, this -- this gun thing really brings the -- oh let's just say emotion to the floor. >> and all of the boys to the yard. >> stephanie: right. right. [ sighs ] >> stephanie: okay. i -- i don't know how you could not feel emotion when you saw gabby giffords show up in congress. >> i was just waiting for someone at fox to say she was faking it. >> stephanie: exactly. and i guess that was a surprise appearance to speak to her former colleagues. >> speaking is difficult but i need to say something important. violence is a big problem. too many children are dying.
7:25 am
too many children. we must do something. be bold, be courageous americans are counting on you. >> stephanie: you know, we were just talking about this, when she mentioned too many children are dying. it doesn't matter what statistic you look at. how about this one, among the 23 richest countries the u.s. accounts for 83% of child gun deaths. a bill introduced in 2011 would have made it a felony to have a gun that could hold more than ten rounds of ammo. the "new york times" just had a piece about what the cops -- some of the details of what the cops found when they got there. >> i don't want to imagine. >> stephanie: there was a little
7:26 am
girl standing alone in a classroom covered in blood she was the only one that survived with all of her dead friends around here. this article goes on to point out about wayne lapierre talking about good guys with guns. there was an armed guy at columbine. fort hood there were plenty of trained people with guns there. lapierre would have us believe that guns in the classrooms would make our kids safer, yet the u.s. accounts for 87% of all child-related deaths. >> and more guns is not the answer you would think. but that implies that you think. >> stephanie: david in chicago go ahead. >> caller: every time i listen to these gun advocates the one thing they bring up is the second amendment and the melissa as if they actually believe that them having a gun is somehow a
7:27 am
force to counter balance the government, and they need to be prepared to attack the government at any moment. >> stephanie: right. >> i'm a lawyer, and i believe the world militia is defined in the constitution and it's not the average joe putting a rifle over his shoulder. >> stephanie: yep. >> caller: and they need to arm themselves to the teeth. >> to destroy the government. >> caller: right. >> stephanie: the -- the guy who's wife was a school psychologist that was killed in sandy hook. he testified yesterday, and he said i have no idea how long it took to rebode and refire a musket, i know the somebody of
7:28 am
bullets fired at sandy hook was almost incomprehensible even today's modern age. and that's the thing you have to apply some modern logic. mark kelly yesterday. >> i'm a strong supporter of the second amendment as anybody on this panel. my wife would not be sitting in this seat, she would not have been sitting here today if we had stronger background checks. >> stephanie: the "washington post" did a piece perhaps the most important moment in yesterday's senate hearings when mark kelly directly confronted wayne lapierre over the shooting of his wife and another one involving dick durbin. lapierres argument was completely unmasked. he repeatedly voiced the talking point there is no need to expand the background system because criminals don't cooperate.
7:29 am
kelly said he said his plan was to assassinate my wife. but because of the gaps in the mental health system those -- we would have likely failed a background check. if we require private sellers to complete a background check and we get those records into the system we will prevent these kinds of crimes. good for him. mark kelley again yesterday. >> he did not have access to a high capacity magazine and the same thing happened christina tailor green would be alive today. i certainly am willing to give up my right to own a high-capacity magazine to bring
7:30 am
that young woman back. >> stephanie: and we have been talking about this all morning, that chicago everybody uses that as an example now. when you take a look at where these guns come from 25%-plus are sold in outside of the city. almost one of ten gun crimes in chicago the gun comes from indiana or mississippi, because of the background checks. >> they drive them right up to chicago from mississippi. >> stephanie: right, and somebody was mentioning the specific gun store where a huge volume of guns come from that go to chicago. and it's right outside -- it's not even that far of drive. and they were saying new york is different because the surrounding areas also have different gun legislation. >> right. which shows we need more universal -- >> stephanie: thank you. >> yeah. >> stephanie: it needs to be
7:31 am
said. twenty nine minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: call stephanie now. she's easy. 1-800-steph-1-2. going to do the young turks. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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now you can even present from your ipad. >> woe. >> stephanie: you saw this thing, literally wow, gabby giffords, and mark kelly were testifying -- >> yeah. >> stephanie: right. right. and -- oh, this made me really -- they all make me really sad, but the 15-year-old girl that just performed at the inauguration gunned down in chicago a week after she performed at president obama's inauguration. she was at a park, someone jumped a fence, ran up and opened fire. she was a majorette, and that was the one that sasha and malia were dancing to. >> yeah. >> probably from indiana or
7:37 am
mississippi. >> just overwhelmingly sad. >> stephanie: chris murphy yesterday. >> we need to wake members up to the fact that if they want to do the right thing here there is not really a political price to pay at the hands of the nra like there were a decade or two ago. >> stephanie: yeah, 92% of americans want a background check. can't we get that done. and the nra -- he is sitting there facing all of these republican senator who he gave money to. yeah, oddly the question not quite as tough from republicans. republicans have benefited from at least $700,000 in various forms from the nra the nra's pac or -- >> i'm sure a coincidence. >> stephanie: yeah. don in oklahoma welcome. >> caller: hello. >> stephanie: hi, go ahead. >> caller: i just wanted to say first of all that i am 100%
7:38 am
supportive of background checks for everybody buying guns. i do have some concerns -- i'm a psychologist, and these mental health reporting laws. i'm not sure what people are talking about reporting, but what we know from the statistics people with serious mental disorders are much more likely to be victimized as opposed to being perpetrators. >> stephanie: senator franken made that point yesterday. he said not all mentally ill people obviously the vast majority is not violent. >> caller: i think it's much easier and much cheaper just to put it on the backs of mental health practitioners to do this reporting. we already have to report if we
7:39 am
think somebody is a danger to themselves and others but we also don't want to discourage people from actually seeking treatment. >> stephanie: i hear you. and don i encourage you -- we posted the peace from cnn how the violently mental ill can buy guns. all i'm saying there is a lot of pieces of this problem need to be fixed, but you can't read this and say this seems fine people who have been violently mentally ill in the past -- how easy it is for them to get assault weapons. >> oh, yeah i agree with background checks 100%. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: this is -- i mentioned this case yesterday. i was a little fuzzy on the details, but -- >> because you were -- >> stephanie: drunk. >> drunk.
7:40 am
>> stephanie: right. last november oklahoma city polices went to check on an elderly woman after relatives reported they hadn't heard from her in a while. she lived with her adult son gerald. this has erie parallels to adam. what police discovered was a horrendous case. one of -- and again that's what i mean -- there's a fine line between oh you told your psychologist you were depressed once to this guy. >> right. >> stephanie: and like i say this is not -- like the virginia tech shooter same thing had been adjudicated violently mentally ill. and police -- even if people like gerald hume who had a
7:41 am
history of violence friends said that his mother said he recently bought guns. they went in found think mother's body in addition to a handgun and three rifles police also removed a reciprocating saw, a white plastic trash bag -- authorities found parts of her body in the freezer, he is a known schizophrenic. he didn't steal his guns or borrow them. he bought them like any normal person would. he got them at wal-mart. hume bought the rifles at wal-mart in oklahoma and the glock at gun world in a nearby city. both are federally licensed gun dealers that conduct background
7:42 am
checks. many merchants are frustrating with the system, but what can the retailers do if a person passes the background check? we don't have the ability because mental health records are kept in each separate area. it is far too easy to pass a federal background check. so even the background system needs to be fixed. >> sure. >> stephanie: and wayne lapierre is not even for doing them at all. but federally licensed gun shops must use the national check system and as we talked about private gun show sellers, nothing. >> yeah. >> stephanie: even in the nics -- mental health records are concerned investigations found it's because of a huge legal loophole in the background laws that put guns in the hands of killers, according to a new
7:43 am
study the mayors against gun crimes. literally millions of mental health records are missing from the background system. all they care about is cutting the deficit, the republicans, so they don't want to put the money into this, and then they scream the guns aren't the problem. it's not about guns. it's about all of it, frankly. >> uh-huh. >> stephanie: it's sad but sometimes it takes a national crisis to get people to notice. so the virginia tech killer killed 32 people as we know using guns he bought at a federally licensed dealer. he passed the background check even though a judge declared him mentally ill a year earlier.
7:44 am
the mentally ill may still easily buy guns. this whole article is just chilling. the only cases oklahoma sends to the federal system are people who have been forcibly committed. hume did not meet that criteria. no one seems to know of any [ inaudible ] that have been handed out. karl mccarthy. the law has never acted the way it was designed for. it has never even had close to the full amount of money it should get. now we have these deficit cutters that aren't -- what is important in this country? i mean really? the secondarily relates to state's privacy laws. many states felt they may need to -- erroneously felt there was privacy issues. there is not for this kind of stuff. there needs to be a federal data
7:45 am
base. they hope the new fixed gun checks act will increase funding to put some real teeth into the law. nelson, the oklahoma city police chief, he said we used to have good mental health systems here but when they took the money out of mental health especially in a state where we like our guns, these people became our problem. it's a good article, but it's terrifying. not good bedtime reading. >> no, but it's posted on your facebook page. >> stephanie: thank you. tony welcome. >> caller: all right. quick, the two things that i'm concerned about is we keep moving the goal post here on what we want to have happen.
7:46 am
we already have an assault weapons ban on the books -- >> stephanie: it expired. >> caller: right, but my point is we keep talking about background checks but we should be talking about reactivating what was expired but it didn't work. >> it did work. >> stephanie: i agree and put more teeth in it tony. >> caller: exactly. every show i listen to it's like we're just trying to get background checks -- >> stephanie: that and the gun show loophole, there are things that should be such low-hanging fruit in this debate. and that's why to me the wayne lapierre's they don't even deserve a seat at table, because they are not willing to do anything. all right, forty-five minutes after the hour. we'll continue on the "stephanie
7:47 am
miller show." >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
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he was a hollywood golden boy fighting a losing battle with his dark side. of all the hours in all his days, these are the ones you'll never forget.
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♪ ♪ oh -- >> announcer: stephfy ♪ ♪ you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind hey -- >> announcer: stephfy. >> stephanie: uh-huh. senator chuck schumer yesterday. >> not including guns when discussing mass killings is like not discussing cigarettes when
7:52 am
discussing lung cancer. >> stephanie: yeah we talked about cigarette advertising. and senator diane feinstein. >> the nra is venal. they come after you. they put together large amounts of money to defeat you. >> stephanie: yeah exactly. >> but they have a lot less power than they did ten years. >> stephanie: yeah. here she is with wayne lapierre. >> i want to thank everybody for being here particularly our witnesses, even you mr. lapierre. it's good to see you again. i guess we tangled -- what was it 18 years ago. you look pretty good actually. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: but it doesn't make any sense, somebody was showing the testimony in 1999 when he was for background
7:53 am
checks. and here he was yesterday. >> none of it makes any since. >> mr. lapierre that's the point the criminals won't go to purchase the guns because there will be a background check. you missed that point completely. [ cheers ] >> senator i think you missed -- >> let there be order! >> the point is you can buy guns illegally out of the back of a car. >> stephanie: yeah, so let's just not do anything. >> we need layers of things. and hopefully, one, two, or three of those layers will catch the criminals who want to get guns. >> stephanie: yeah. angie welcome. >> caller: i love you guys. can you say hi pup and pepper. >> stephanie: hi pup and pepper who is handsome and romantic. >> caller: thank you. i'm in school to be a teacher. but i was calling because in
7:54 am
virginia they just tabled that measure where they were going to try to fund -- to fund -- or guns in school basically for teachers and training fire all of that stuff. >> uh-huh. >> caller: i don't know if you have seen that mean with the skeptical black kid, you mean you have enough money for training teachers and using guns but not enough for supplies? >> stephanie: yeah, that's right. and you better have it on you all the time, and be sure to protect it from kids -- he said i have one, and it's an awesome responsibility. and he said teachers are there to teach. >> caller: exactly. >> stephanie: but literally think of even just the visual of that. you would have to have it on you.
7:55 am
he said you can't have in your purse or in your desk -- >> while you are at wal-mart picking up school supplies pick up an ak-37. >> caller: exactly. >> stephanie: albert in milwaukee. >> caller: i'll be as brief as i can. i wanted to tell you that i have a cousin -- and my family is from the dominican republic and if you have never been there, you don't know what you are missing. you can have a handgun. and my cousin he is in the dominican navy. he was here visiting. we web to a gun show first time i had been to one. he was shocked what he saw in there. and he even could have bought an automatic rifle. he told the guy, my dominican pass port is in my cousin's car.
7:56 am
the guy was ready to give it to him without it. >> stephanie: albert now that this debate is in the news you see a lot of these clips of gun shows, and i'm like any of those people can just buy a gun with no background check? pretty much all of them look like they shouldn't be able to buy a gun. >> caller: he was shocked. he said anybody terrorist could walk in here and buy guns. >> stephanie: yeah, yesterday, the nra apparently they don't even want people on the terrorist watch list to not be able to get a gun. >> caller: but they are beholden to the gun manufacturers. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: and that is what is happening here. and i'm wondering why if people want an automatic weapon in this country, why can't they be kept locked down at gun ranges. have your military style
7:57 am
obstacle course over there, keep it locked down -- >> stephanie: somebody made the point that adam lanza's bother was a, quote unquote responsible gun owner, and apparently even kept them locked, and boy they sure helped her, didn't they? >> caller: they helped her a lot. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: she died from her own guns. >> stephanie: somebody was talking about that statistic on cnn how much more likely you are if you have a gun in your house to have it used against you. john you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: hi, stephanie. i watch your show all the time. and i would like to point out one thing. i used to be a -- a member of the nra.
7:58 am
no longer. i gave it up. i think they are off the wall. but i think why they resinate with people is that, you know there's something missing from the dialogue and that is the government. what -- after we get these laws in place -- and i do believe that we should have these laws in place and background checks and get rid of the high capacity magazines, but what is missing -- and maybe you heard it -- i haven't heard it yet, is that what are we going to do when we catch these criminals? what are we going to do with the drug traffickers or the people smuggling the guns in? there's no dialogue about -- is it going to be ten years? it is going to be no parole? this is what -- and i direct your attention to what happened here in webster, new york where we had a heinous criminal beat his grandmother to death with a claw hammer and the government
7:59 am
turns him lose after new york state spent thousands of dollars to convict, 12 people of his peers, and they turn him lose and then they tell us they lost track of him -- >> stephanie: how long did he serve in prison? >> caller: i don't know. he served some time, but the fact is is there any wonder why people are arming themselves when government is turning their criminals out like this. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: he is not just a guy that has cheated on his taxes -- >> stephanie: obviously there's some flaws in the legal system. i can't speak to why that guy would ever get out. you would think that that would not be -- that wouldn't be a parole-worthy offense. >> no, i'm sure something happened that we're not privy too. >> stephanie: yeah, but in my opinion it still doesn't justify us all having military assault weapons. somebody was talking about some of these guys had body armor.
8:00 am
what is the point of having body armor if you are not in the military? >> right. unless you plan to be in a combat of some sort. >> stephanie: yeah do you go in bed with it? fifty-eight minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show."
8:01 am
[♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: hello tv world, hour number 3. jacki schechner let's drag you into the body armor discussion. >> okay. >> stephanie: why would one need body armor?
8:02 am
that's what we were saying -- >> hum. i don't know. >> unless you are in the military. >> stephanie: right, if you are not a cop or in the military -- >> role play? [ laughter ] >> well. >> wow! jacki's mind defaulted to that. >> no. >> stephanie: if you are paranoid at being attacked. maybe because i'm menopause sal, i'm already sweaty enough. >> your body armor would have like puppies and feet on it. >> stephanie: exactly. here she is jacki schechner. >> good morning, everybody. we are continuing to listen in on former senator chuck hagel's confirmation hearing.
8:03 am
and his opening remark hagel alluded to some of the controversy he has been facing up to today's session. he heyed there is plenty to analyze and criticize, but that he is and always has been committed to the united states maintaining a strong defense. >> no one individual vote no one individual quote no one individual statement defines me my beliefs ore my record my overall world view has never changed. >> he goes on to emphasize his commit to veteran's rights and making sure our policies are worthy of the service and sacrifice of america's men and women. after yesterday's high-profile hearing the senate judiciary committee says it plans to have a gun bill ready by the end of next month. it likely will not include an
8:04 am
assault weapons ban. it would likely call for universal background checks gun trafficking, and include some sort of mental health screening or enforcement of the current laws we have in place. we're back with more steph after the break. stay with us. ♪ right have, about the "heavy hand of government" ... i want to have that conversation. let's talk about it. really? you're going to lay people off because now the government is going to help you fund your healthcare. really? i want to have those conversations, not to be confrontational, but to is saying, and i'd like to arm our viewers with the ability to argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinner table.
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good hey all right now ♪
8:08 am
♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome it to. six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere., check it out, stephanie miller on facebook. check it out we have an article on how easy it is for the violent mentally ill to get guns. not good bedtime reading. joe biden would be 74 if he runs -- and hillary clinton would be 69. and everybody made a big deal that john mccain was 74 -- and
8:09 am
he was extra grumpy. >> i don't think joe biden would chase kids off of his lawn with a garden hose. >> stephanie: that's right. i woke up one morning to turn on the tv and i found sadly somebody took you off of the air, and now i sit in my car with my eyes closed seeing you in my living room. >> oh, henry. he is a sad panda in tampa. >> they have pandas in tampa? >> no a sad python. >> stephanie: you'll be able to see me, don't you worry -- we're working on magic. >> even before current you could see us on the you stream thing. >> stephanie: people are used to
8:10 am
the eye candy now. >> in all else fails just throw us up on the youstream. >> stephanie: right. kathy. we're going to be on for a few more months first of all. as time gets closer, will you please let us all know how to stay in touch. [ applause ] >> stephanie: yes, don't worry. we're on it. oh let's see, i think people are writing parities, because i was featured on fox news last night in the left-wing hate speech segment on hannity. i should just know from now on when i get the c-word emails -- i should have an auto reply like thanks for watching fox news. they said i marginalize people who want to protect their homes
8:11 am
with guns. >> should we play that again. >> stephanie: oh fine. >> we have our good friend little old steph. she is blaming talk radio conservatives and blaming people who want to protect their homes. watch this. >> stephanie: i get the home protection but to what degree are people just paranoid. they make it sound like it's the "zero dark thirty" raid at their house every night. >> yeah. >> stephanie: navy sales and drones. >> it's right wing talk radio and fox new's job to make people paranoid. >> right. >> home invasions, rape, robbery, murder. things really happen. >> suddenly they are all on the extreme fringe.
8:12 am
>> the reason there is so much gun violence in chicago is because of all of the unregulated guns coming in across the border. >> stephanie: right. any way, thanks for the publicity against sean. >> stephanie: oh i think i did my sauerkraut recipe. a letter from skeeter. this is clearly the sign of a terrorist. i'm skeeter, hip hop communist, rachel [ inaudible ]. [ applause ] >> stephanie: thank you skeeter. that was a fake skeeter letter. you are not a real skeeter. come on now. bill maher referred to skeeter -- >> yeah, as a gun yahoo. >> stephanie: thank you as a tribute.
8:13 am
look at this. jon stewart! [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: i'm sure we'll get the check in a minute. glen beck is building this new city, and i guess -- jon stewart called it the same thing we did. >> are you tired of your government taking aliberties and freedoms you can't quite name? welcome secede or succeed with us in the tea becker utopia >> glen becky becky becky stan stan. >> your hard earned money is yours to keep. there are no taxes, roads bridges, police, fire protection, teachers hospitals, libraries, garbage pickup or suage treatment in -- >> glen becky becky becky stan
8:14 am
stan. >> but they, that doesn't matter. who needs government? it's overrated. join us in glen becky becky becky becky stan stan. >> we have freedoms with none of the responsibilities. you want to lock your wife and children in the basement? go ahead, nobody is asking questions. freedom isn't free but for a small down payment it can be yours. our future is in the past. ♪ >> stephanie: and this just in we're getting ripped on the left and the right. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> i would like to point out that kenny pick and shaf wrote that in the november of last year. >> stephanie: yes. a comedian mocks glen beck's freedom town on glen beck's own
8:15 am
network. he dubbed beck's planned town -- i need some comedy music. [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: he put a fake advertisement together for glen beck's thing. the park features a roller coaster, the freedom coaster where safety harnesses are optional. libertarian island where food is cooked in an unregulated shack. the whimsical it's a smaller world theme. the haunted mansion, riders are given a spinning right to relive glen's topsy turvey years when he was an alcoholic. that's kind of funny. >> that was on the blaze. >> yes. >> they allowed him to make fun
8:16 am
of glen beck on glen beck's own network? >> stephanie: apparently. glen beck probably didn't get it. >> i remember whenning steven colbert referred to mitch mcconnell as a turtle after i did it. >> stephanie: huh, weird. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: a story we were talking about earlier, federal authorities have arrested a california man who they say hacked into hundreds of social media and email accounts to coerce more than 350 women in showing them their naked bodies. this is the part i don't get. he then poses as a friend persuading the women to strip while he watched. >> wow. >> stephanie: if a friend said this would you do this, really? oh, okay jim. here. what? 350 women in california are just that dumb. >> i must obey the internet. >> stephanie: okay. oh it's a friend of mine, sure. >> have you been to the west
8:17 am
side? there are that many dumb women. >> stephanie: apparently there are. i would just write jim stop it. i am not taking my top off. >> okay. >> stephanie: yeah. yeah. >> god, i can't believe i fell for that. >> stephanie: it's for my friend kathy. here. >> i didn't mean to disparage the west side. >> stephanie: we apologize to the entire west side. >> stephanie: what do you name the most beautiful dog in the world -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> stephanie: she named a his stephanie. bandit said -- he's call her stephanie and she likes sitting on people's laps and licking their faces. >> that's you. >> stephanie: here is a picture
8:18 am
of her and her older dog. >> what kind of dogs had to get together to make a golden terry poodle. a golden retriever and a poodle should never ever -- >> a great dane and a chihuahua should never -- >> stephanie: scott in salt lake city wants to go after my first love alcohol. good morning, scott. >> caller: i have a question about a relationship between alcohol and drugs. >> stephanie: yes. >> caller: my -- my -- my brother-in-law shot himself with a pistol i don't think he ever used. the first time. he was drunk at the time. >> stephanie: uh-huh. >> caller: we're going to do background checks on people buying alcohol. my wife said if he did not had that gun, he would be alive today. >> stephanie: right.
8:19 am
>> caller: and i say what if he didn't have alcohol. >> stephanie: so we should outlaw alcohol? >> they tried that. >> alcohol kills a lot of people too. innocent people. >> stephanie: right, but alcohol used in moderation does not kill. guns are designed to kill. what is a gun for? >> caller: it's for a lot of purposes. it's not meant to kill people. >> it is meant to kill alcohol is not meant to kill people. >> caller: well let's say a person is getting treated in a rehab center for alcohol abuse, and a background check shows that. at what level -- if a person had mild alcohol abuse or repeat rehab, where does somebody draw the line on background checks? my brother-in-law has depression as well, but he wasn't seeking any kind of treatment. >> stephanie: okay. but what -- i guess i'm missing
8:20 am
what your point is. what is your conclusion that you think alcohol should be illegal? >> no, i'm saying i'm not sure that just outlawing -- or making background checks forguns, we still have other problems like alcohol. >> stephanie: i don't think anyone think guns and alcohol are a good combination. but as chris points out alcohol itself is not designed to kill. >> cars kill people all the time too. >> caller: right. i understand. but i don't understand where you draw the line -- >> stephanie: that's why we don't think guns in bars is a good idea. because they are historically not a good combination. i really think you are not going to outlaw alcohol and it does have other uses whereas guns -- that's exactly one of
8:21 am
the reasons. i think it's 43 times more likely you are more likely to kill an acquaintance or loved one if you have a gun in your home. >> caller: let's say the person received treatment for alcohol abuse, and they can still go to a liquor store and buy alcohol. the background check is there for that person and yet maybe they have already -- >> i think we're talking past each other here. >> stephanie: yeah. scott sorry for your tragedy, but i -- i got lost in there somewhere. >> someone in the chat room says scott, sorry for your loss, but dude, you are not making sense. >> stephanie: okay. twenty minutes after the hour. kids we keep telling you about carbonite because i get thank you letters all the time. people just do it because i tell them too. don't you think that's a good
8:22 am
idea? >> yes, miss miller! >> stephanie: thank you. then they have the computer disaster, power outage virus, and they think oh my god i just lost everything in my computer, and then they realize, no, i did what stephanie miller said and i got carbonite. [♪ magic wand ♪] >> stephanie: backing up your files is important for your business, yourself, you know everything you have in there, and who has time to remember to back stuff up. carbonite you set it up once and you are automatically backing everything up. unlimited back up space for your computer just $59 for the entire year and you can access files from anywhere in case your over demanding c-word boss needs something. >> that's right. like if i'm at the gym i can access something from my iphone.
8:23 am
>> stephanie: that's right. >> but if you are looking at your iphone you can only lift with one arm -- >> stephanie: do i care? no, i don't. here is the c word, enter the code stephanie and you get two free bonus months. the offer code is stephanie. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: i got her number off of the men's room stall, 1-800-steph-1-2. also available scalpicin® 2 in 1, itch relief plus dandruff control.
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i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. ♪ ♪ all i want to do is have -- >> announcer: stephanie miller.
8:28 am
♪ i got a feeling, i'm not the only one ♪ ♪ all i want to do is -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ until the sun comes up over santa monica boulevard. >> stephanie: [ inaudible ]. on the tv. twenty six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. >> starring john mccain as the cranky old man. >> stephanie: he is very troubled by the latest nomination. >> why do i get the vision of too close for comfort. when you say hagel on the hill. >> stephanie: wednesdays at 8:00 [ bell chimes ] [ laughter ] >> stephanie: can my life get any better. i guess i'm featured almost every week on hannity, and then i get a lot of c-word emails. and that is just going to
8:29 am
increase. >> stephanie miller one of the most popular and funny liberal radio hosts in the country. >> thanks for the promo. we use that all the time. >> stephanie: he will be appearing on the hannity show. >> something tells me he was being sarcastic. >> stephanie: sarcastic. let's go to mark in washington. hi, mark. >> caller: hi. >> stephanie: hi. >> caller: i gov you guys. granholm, whole network. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: all of the people that think their un is going to come take their woody? >> stephanie: yes. >> caller: how? >> they are not going to go door to door and take your guns. >> caller: yeah. >> stephanie: the big un hand. >> caller: yeah, it seems to me you would have to systematically
8:30 am
go over every square inch of this country with metal detectors. [ knocking ] >> stephanie: hand it over. wayne lapierre yesterday. >> we see a dramatic lapse of gun prosecutions in the last years. that means violent fallens, violent gang remembers and drug dealers with guns, and the mentally ill who possession firearms are not being prosecuted. >> stephanie: this is the red herring they bring up every time. this is the reason for not having any new laws of any kind. >> right. >> stephanie: or fixing anything, not a loophole background check mental health records, it's -- we'll talk more about hard.
8:31 am
twenty-nine minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
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8:35 am
♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> you are one of the most beautiful women i have ever seen, and that's not saying much for you. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. thirty-four minutes after the hour. chris you were looking up -- we were just playing wayne lapierre
8:36 am
talking about federal gun prosecutions are down. and that's blah blah blah. >> right. the argument that the problem is weak enforcement is exposed by the efforts to undercut what enforcement there is. the atf lacks the legal resources to handle it properly. it bars the bureau from putting gun records in a database. >> so it's a self fulfilling prophecy. >> stephanie: exactly. wayne lapierre yesterday. >> law-abiding gun owner will not accept blame for the acts of violent or deranged criminals, nor do we believe that government should dictate what we can lawfully own and used to protect our families. >> stephanie: rocket launch or, drone, why not?
8:37 am
>> tank. >> stephanie: yes. senator ted cruz that guy -- he was talking about hagel and kerry. he said they don't feel like we do about the military. meaning they served and were injured but you didn't serve. >> how did texas collect that guy. >> stephanie: this guy. >> the tragedy in newtown reaction is to rush to reenact a law that did nothing to reduce gun violence. if it doesn't ban machine guns what does it ban? and what it bans i would suggest to you -- >> you would suggest. >> are scary-looking guns. >> i would suggest a you are a moron, and b, that gun violence
8:38 am
went up when the assault weapon's ban expired. >> stephanie: yes. and in addition -- ♪ you are a lying sack of crap ♪ >> stephanie: as jim suggests. >> just suggesting. >> stephanie: okay. there was almost almost yesterday, we talked to representative joe courtney earlier on the show, and we was talking about they just had a hearing in newtown as well. and a lot of parents of kids that were killed at sandy hook got up -- >> were they heckled today? >> there was a little bit of creative editing with that. that video appeared first on the martin sheer show and they ed -- edited out a part where the
8:39 am
father was asking a question -- >> stephanie: i saw that. he asked the question. but if you saw the tape you could hear the tone of it. >> yeah. it was a rhetorical question and they started screaming at him. >> stephanie: yeah. nicole who lost her 6-year-old son said don't give up because it's too hard or difficult, make a promise to honor the lives losted at sandy hook and elsewhere in this country. make the change that benefits us also. and a father a person could live in a home where he had access to the most dangerous guns in america is unacceptable. it was far to easy for an unbalanced person to have easy access to powerful weapons. and further restrictions on gun
8:40 am
rights, leave good and lawful citizens at risk. >> huh? >> stephanie: that does not believe good lawful citizens at risk. you can't have an m16 or whatever these military assault weapons are. susie said her daughter escaped from sandy hook when the shooter caused. emma and her friends -- emma saw her friends and teachers slaughtered before she ran past life less bodies -- the fact that my daughter survived and others didn't haunts me. this testimony was -- it's -- you can't -- it is just so powerful. and i wonder how they are even able to do it. that comes from a place of not wanting other people to go through the pain you are going
8:41 am
through. let's go to keith in texas. >> caller: hey how are you doing? >> stephanie: good go ahead. >> caller: do you really don't know why it's gd lobster. >> stephanie: pardon me? >> caller: do you really know why it's gd lobster. >> stephanie: oh. i don't. >> caller: it is in the same section that it talks about a man laying with another man. >> oh of course. it's leviticus. >> would your mom be quoting leviticus? >> stephanie: not to me. carol in iowa you are on the "stephanie miller show." go ahead. >> caller: i called in to tell about -- my sister and her husband are fox news lovers. and they recently bought -- each
8:42 am
bought a gun to protect themselves, and they have never used a gun in their lives. and it's terrifying and they have to take lessons. she's like we have to take 50 bullets to learn our lessons and it's just terrifying and i said where are you going to leave this gun at? and she said by my bedside. and i said are you willing to shoot a person that comes into your house? and she said if they are in my house i'm going to have to kill them. and it's just fox news lying all over the place. >> stephanie: yeah, did you hear the story about the guy who pulled into the wrong driveway and the homeowner came out and shot him dead. can i just say, people pull in my driveway all the time to turn around. >> yes, and they wear glasses
8:43 am
and can't see well. her husband may wake up to go to the bathroom and what if she thinks he is a shooter. >> stephanie: i know. as quoted by chris lavoie on the "stephanie miller show," and then on the sean hannity show, fox news is selling paranoia. >> caller: they are. >> stephanie: and again, 43 times more likely to kill yourself or a family member if you have a gun in the house. >> i don't think there is any advice we can give you -- >> stephanie: elderly people nearsighted people with no gun training -- >> who is there! let me reload! >> stephanie: oh, boy. it's not funny. katherine in illinois. you are on the "stephanie miller show." hello, katherine. >> caller: california?
8:44 am
>> stephanie: oh california, sorry, sorry, sorry. >> caller: yes, love you guys you kept me sane throughout the election. i have called my representatives in corona california, the representative three times since sandy hook and asked where he standings on magazines and assault weapons and background checks and they told me three times he hasn't stated his position, and i said well you know what, i am a constituent and i want to know because i want something done, and two weeks before christmas -- i live in a gated community of 500 homes, we were put in lockdown at 9:00 on a saturday morning because they said a domestic violence situation he was chasing his wife in the street and shooting at her, for five hours 500 families were in lockdown while s.w.a.t. tried to
8:45 am
find this guy and get him to come out of the house, but what i'm saying is we're suffering, and we're in lockdown, and it was a gun he purchased at a gun show, and my representative won't even tell me where he stands. and they he will respond to you in the better and the letter was we're out here keeping taxes low, and i said i want an answer, i pay your salary. you are responsible for me. >> stephanie: good for you. >> my son's doctor was just shot and killed -- >> stephanie: oh the urologist that was just shot and killed. i heard about that. >> caller: yeah, this is crazy, i'm looking at the names of these children in newtown, and i see one was born on the same day as me, except i was born 51 days before she was, and i said every
8:46 am
year on my birthday i'm making a donation to the brady organization in this child's name. >> stephanie: katherine great call. thank you. i appreciate it. >> caller: thank you. >> stephanie: i was just thinking i was out with food poisoning monday and a friend of mine brought me pedialite pop sickles, and i was asleep so she did climb over the gate -- >> that is a hard gate to climb over. >> stephanie: yeah if i had a gun i would be been like -- right, just saying [ gun cocks ] . >> stephanie: pop sickles going up like clay pigeons.
8:47 am
all right. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." have the passion. but it's also about telling them, you're put on this planet for something more. i want this show to have an impact beyond just informing. an impact that gets people to take action themselves. as a human being, that's really important. this is not just a spectator sport. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone is ready with the know-how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ ♪
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he was a hollywood golden boy fighting a losing battle with his dark side. of all the hours in all his days, these are the ones you'll never forget.
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♪ yeah this is the story of -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ nasty dog ♪ ♪ bow wow, wow, yippy yo yippy yay ♪ >> stephanie: guess what max and i were playing in bed yesterday? >> scrapple? >> stephanie: no polar bear on the lose in the zoo. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: polar bar got lose
8:52 am
in the zoo. what about the children? he loves it. he loves the game so much. [ applause ] >> stephanie: you grab his mouth and he is like -- >> be careful somebody is going to shoot him. >> polar bear on the lose -- >> stephanie: no, it's a game! it's a game! it's good i didn't shoot my friend who brought me pop sickles the other day. because i was asleep and she just let herself in. hopefully this girl is expected to survive this. grandpa fears intruder shoots granddaughter. 16-year-old was in critical condition after her grandfather shot her. he said he and his wife were awakened by a noise outside, he saw someone at the back door fired two shots one of which hit her in the upper body. the girl had beenlying with her grand parents but they thought
8:53 am
she was already inside their home. >> this is what the nra does create paranoia. >> stephanie: it was just our point. that fox news and the nra are creating a nation of crazies, gun nuts., click on the try it free button and type in the promo code stephanie. my close personal friend road flair mary from chicago. hi, mary good morning. >> caller: hi, good morning. i just had a comment you keep talking about guns fox news sean hannity -- >> well, sean brought up stephanie first. >> nbc stands for negro broadcast channel, because they edit everything to their liking? >> stephanie: i'm sorry, how did that become racial?
8:54 am
>> it's not racial. that's what it stands for. >> it stands for national broadcasting company. >> stephanie: is that a joke? >> caller: no ask al sharpton that scum bag. >> stephanie: oh okay. >> caller: but with the gun thing, okay. it is never going to go away like i say before. it's these gang bangers, all of these people that have been murdered in chicago -- >> stephanie: right and they get their guns from elsewhere -- >> caller: that 15 year old that got shot in the back just for standing with her friends, but i don't think we're after these people. they are useings this tragedy in sandy hook -- >> stephanie: they are going after those people as well. >> caller: are they really? i don't know. >> stephanie: mary's -- i have hah enough conversation. >> so they just let them go. >> stephanie: wow --
8:55 am
>> just let them go because they are all black. >> stephanie: right. right. here is another headline -- [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: cop shoots self in foot talking gun safety. >> wow! it's not just a metaphor? >> stephanie: right. right. all righty then. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: barbara walters is home although she has the chickenpox chickenpox. she had a head injury she fell -- so now she's watching "the view" with chickenpox. >> hum. >> okay. >> >> stephanie: all right. we wish her well. >> [ inaudible ] kids on rocks. >> stephanie: right. old hot dog commercials are playing in my mind too jim you are right. >> hot dog commercials -- never
8:56 am
mind. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: girl fight everybody. >> where? >> stephanie: anne hathaway and katie holmes are bitter rivals. >> get the pillows. >> stephanie: jim would love to see that. hathaway apparently does not like cruz she think she relies on her marriage to tom cruise to get roles or something -- >> whatever! >> stephanie: and anne hathaway impersonated indicatetive on "saturday night live." and she said if you read the newspapers you'll find that siri and i spend an inordinate amount of time at the zoo. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: lindsay and dena lohan were rejected by two hotels. they tried to check in around
8:57 am
1:00 am lindsay is on the blacklist there after allegedly trashing a room. and were turned down up the road as well. just like baby jesus. >> did you just compare lindsay low hahn to baby jesus. [ wah wah ] >> stephanie: i was talking to rolland sexy liberal tour director last night. and i feel bad -- i'm like oh i already told you that, right. i tell you things and you say you already told me that. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: this story makes me feel better. actor jason london. >> yes. >> stephanie: he apparently [ censor bleep ] himself in the back seat of a cop car sunday after he was punched in the face in a bar fight.
8:58 am
he called an officer a [ censor bleep ] hill billy. and guess what [ censor bleep ] i [ censor bleep ] love this [ censor bleep ] i'm rich and mother [ censor bleep ] famous actor. look me up bitch. he then said your car smells like diarrhea, he leaned to the left and [ censor bleep ] his pants. the next day his wife said yes, he is a [ censor bleep ] ball when he drinks. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: he also has no recollection of the events. [ applause ] >> stephanie: i had a bar fight and [ censor bleep ] myself in a cop car, i don't -- really? [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> melissa gilbert is engaged. >> good for her. after you broke up their marriage. >> stephanie: right. she is now engaged to timothy
8:59 am
busfield. >> who is no longer 30 something. >> stephanie: no he is not. >> none of us are. >> stephanie: yeah that's the only time -- for -- you "stephanie miller show" aficionados, the only time i made the tabloids was for aledgedly breaking up her marriage back in 1985. because i'm man hungry. is ashton kutcher okay? i have only had fruit this morning because i cooked my tupperware. and this has not been a good morning for me. [ farting sounds ] >> stephanie: he was following the steve job's fruit-only diet -- >> and now he has pancreas problems. >> stephanie: yes, and he ended up in the hospital. we wish him well. >> i hear that


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